Blanket Benefits



Crystal-Phi Technology is made of 96 essential minerals and crystals ground into 1+ microns embedded in post consumable far-infrared crystal fiber and spun with organic cotton.

Crystal-Phi Technology:

  • Amplifies the body natural radiance and healing abilities
  • Protects from harmful EMFs – leaving the body, mind, spirit feeling grounded and centered
  • Supports the body’s metabolic energy balance
  • Tunes chakras 50% after wearing for 30 min
  • Raises vital life force – protection from harmful elements
  • Shifts brainwave into Alpha and Theta – rest and repair



    VSCAN HRV Analysis

    Please visit the VScan Website to learn more about this device.
    This data shows notable shifts that occur when a 30-year-old male sat with the crystal-Phi technology for 30 minutes.


    The parasympathetic nervous system is activated when the body is resting and digesting. You can see here that after 3o minutes the parasympathetic nervous system increases from 4% to 28%.
    This person’s gerontological age went from 32-years-old before using Crystal-Phi Technology to 26-years-old after using Crystal-Phi Technology.
    The graphs depict each category increasing in percentages. For example, the study shows increases in cardio-vascular adaptation levels, autonomic nervous system regulation, neurohormone regulation, and an increase in the psycho-emotional state when using Crystal-Phi Technology.