Therapy Healing Blankets

At Crystal Blanket, we understand the importance of a strong client relationship. Our Therapy Healing Blankets can be used as a tool to assist therapists in giving their clients a more deep and relaxing experience. With its unique formula of 96 essential minerals and crystals, Our Therapy Healing Blanket aids in the process for overall enhanced well-being. 

The Therapy Healing Tool Blankets is a great way for therapists who work in the healing arts to utilize the technology of the Crystal Blankets to help their clients move through the session with greater ease and recovery. Our unique formula of 96 essential minerals and crystals is designed to help your body come back to its innate balance.  Whether you are looking for our Therapy Healing Tool Blanket to assist in grace and ease or for its comfy warmth, we’ve got you covered.

Our past clients who are therapists, have shared that Therapy Relaxing Blankets offer their clients greater ease. The Therapy Relaxing Blanket is designed with 96 essential minerals and crystals tuned to help your body return to balance.  We here at Crystal Blanket understand the importance of having a strong client relationship.  Our Therapy Relaxing Blanket is a wonderful tool to help bring balance and to enhance your client’s overall well-being.

One of our most popular options is our line of Therapy Calming Blankets.  These blankets are specifically designed to bring calm and relaxation to the body and mind, which is important in today’s fast-paced and stressful world.  Crystals and minerals have been used as healing tools for thousands of years.  With our formula of 96 essential minerals and crystals, our Therapy Calming Blanket can help provide you with the calm and ease after a stressful day. 

Therapy Recovery Blankets are great for individuals who suffer from anxiety, as it helps to promote deep relaxation and is designed to calm both the mind and body. The Therapy Recovery Blanket with far infrared and 96 essential crystals and minerals whose therapeutic properties are known to promote recovery, reduce stress and calm the mind and body. The Therapy Recovery Blanket is the perfect blanket for individuals who struggle with anxiety and cannot seem to find a way to relax enough for sleep. 


In Conclusion, our Crystal Therapy Blankets are made with lots of love and care to tend to your well-being.  We here at Crystal Therapy Blankets, understand that when our bodies' innate wisdom is connected to nature’s wisdom strong healing can occur.  Our Crystal Therapy Blankets can be used as a tool to help bring that connection back so that you can live your best self.  At Crystal Blanket, our unique formula of  96 essential minerals and crystals imbued in organic cotton fiber is designed to help you feel your best.  Come visit our website and check out today how Crystal Therapy Blankets can help you and your child live a more balanced and graceful life today!