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Founder and creative director of Crystal Blanket, Arthur Franklin, joins various podcasts to discuss the benefits behind Crystal-Phi Technology. Along with discussing how he came about creating Crystal-Phi Technology, nature's elements with technology, tools that support life-enhancing wellness and other topics.

Podcast: Imagining A New World Together 

Can you imagine a new world together with the people you love? Have you ever dreamed of a world full of radiance and good laughs? In this episode of Wisdom of Ages, host Ayn Cates Sullivan and guest Arthur Franklin talk about the importance of being in the body, lightening each other’s hearts, and having a good laugh. It’s sometimes fun to get together with friends and dream. You never know what might happen when you get together and play. You might turn into a butterfly or perhaps blossom like a lotus flower. Tune in and listen as they tackle more about Crystal-Phi Technology and Crystal Blankets.

Podcast: The Beautifully Broken Podcast 

This episode focuses on discovering the power of sacred geometry and strengthening your connection with nature. We would explore how these crystal-infused blankets have helped relieve stress, provide relaxation, and have its ability to heal the body. Arthur will also recall his exceptional experiences that deeply connected him in energy and wellness.

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Podcast: Alter Health

Next on the locals series is fellow Carbondalian, also relatively new to the Roaring Fork Valley, Arthur Franklin. Arthur's brilliance is grounded in such a peaceful and compassionate presence, and I am thrilled to call him a new friend.


Podcast: Super Power Experts 

What does it mean to change your body through the help of Crystal-Phi wisdom? In this episode of Wisdom of the Ages, host Ayn Cates Sullivan is joined by Arthur Franklin, who’s not only an innovator in diverse technologies, he’s also the founder and creative director of Crystal-Phi. Arthur synergizes nature’s elements with technology, creating tools that support life enhancing wellness. Join in now as Ayn and Arthur talk about how meditation can activate the light body and color, light and sound can heal.